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Question on AP modes

I'm researching a little into wireless troubleshooting and I'm starting to get a little confused about the differences between several modes available on Cisco access points. The ones I'm looking at are:

- monitor mode

- sniffer mode

- scanner mode

I take it some allow client connections and some do not. And some look at all channels and some do not. Is sniffer mode and scanner mode the same thing?

Also... some Cisco pages say that sniffer mode can only be used with Airopeek. But a Cisco Press book I'm reading says it operates with an Omnipeak, Airmagnet, or Wireshark server. Which is correct? Is there a Wireshark server?


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Re: Question on AP modes

Take a look at this link

I am not sure about the compatible software for sniffer mode. I've never tried that feature so someone else will have to chime in.

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Re: Question on AP modes

I see, so...

- monitor mode: doesn't allow client connections; cycles through all channels; listens to each channel for 60 minutes

- sniffer mode: allows client connections; listens to only one channel

Is that basically the difference?

Has anyone used scanner mode ('station role scanner' on the radio interface)?

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Re: Question on AP modes

Here is a good link that should answer your question:

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