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Refresh rate for client tracking i WCS/MSE


I have a customer that have trouble with the update of the position of a client. Even if the clients walks across the whole building, the client will stay at the same place for several minutes. Is there any way to tune the refresh rate? When I push the load button in the map, the clients position will refresh, or it did when I was on the site, now they just test with an application.

The setup:

WiSM 7.0.220

WCS 7.0.220

MSE 7.0.220

They use the API for MSE to get the location information to the external application, and that will show the information on a cisco 7925 IP phone.

Do someone know a way to increasing the refresh rate?

- Patrick

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Refresh rate for client tracking i WCS/MSE

NMSP (the protocol used between the WLC and MSE in your version) updates fairly frequently so you should have quick updates. I would check under the Mobility Services Engine configuration and see what is set for the smoothing option.

Have you performed a calibration and inspected the location readiness?

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Refresh rate for client tracking i WCS/MSE

Thanks for answering,

What exactly do you meen by smoothing options? Is it the Precense Parameters? The service type is on demand.

Yes, I have done a calibration and the location readiness looks fine.

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Refresh rate for client tracking i WCS/MSE

From: Cisco Mobility Services Engine - Context Aware Mobility Solution Deployment Guide

Jitter: Before the 5.2 release, MSE used to have Location Smoothening mechanism to track clients. Moving average was taken for clients, or, in other words, client movement was averaged. Starting with 5.2 software release, this whole

mechanism has been replaced with “Location Filters.” Location Filtering is applied internally on a per client basis. MSE

keeps track of which client moves and which is stationary, and it applies filtering accordingly. This reduces the overall jitter of the system. Location filtering is enabled by default.

Perhaps you want to turn  location Filtering OFF for your application.

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