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Registered WLC redundancy

I have two WLC 4400 and the APs are registered in the WLCB, but I need that the APs are registered in the WLCA. In the Wireless / Access Point section, I configure in the field "Primary Controller Name" the name of the WLCA, but AP are restarted but they remain in the WLCB.

Both WLC have the same Operative System.


Re: Registered WLC redundancy

Make sure the controllers are in the same mobility group and that AP fallback is enabled.

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Re: Registered WLC redundancy

Yes. the WLCs have the same Mobility Group (Controller / mobility Managment / Mobility Group) and the feature AP fallback is enable (Controller / General / Ap Fallback).

I reset the AP but these dont register in the WLCA, these are back to WLCB :(

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Re: Registered WLC redundancy

I reset to default the Access Points (from LAP -> to AP ... from AP -> to LAP) and enter CLI lwapp comands in the Access Points and this AP is registered in the WLCA ... but the other LAPs remain registered in the WLCB ...

any suggest

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Re: Registered WLC redundancy

In my experience with the 4.X firmware, there is a known bug between the GUI and the CLI when you configure the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Controllers.

When using the GUI to configure this settings, most of the time it won't work. You can verify the settings with the CLI command show ap config general . On the bottom of the first page, you will see "Primary Cisco Switch Name" followed by "Primary Cisco Switch IP Address" and so on. To enable the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Controllers there should be values in BOTH and not just one.

In my experience with this firmware, I had to manually configure the name and IP address and "failover" of the LAP became successful.

This issue has been fixed since the 5.X/6.X firmware.

If you log into WLCB where the AP in question is joined to and enter the CLI command configure ap primary .

Hope this helps.

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