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Removing / Adding Clients

The following is repeated in the Access Point log. What is the cause? The device is a Symbol wireless scanner.

Oct 15 19:06:27.681 Information Interface Dot11Radio0, Station 00a0.f8d4.3839 Associated KEY_MGMT[NONE]

Oct 15 19:06:26.219 Information Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 00a0.f8d4.3839 Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid

Oct 15 19:06:26.219 Warning Packet to client 00a0.f8d4.3839 reached max retries, remove the client


Re: Removing / Adding Clients

First off: Symbol and Cisco don't play well together (at least in some configurations).

There are also issues in some cases where the Symbol APs, plugged into Cisco switches (or probably anyone else's) don't "hand off" on a roam cleanly - the switch sees the same MAC on two ports and declares that the interfaces/switch/blade is "flapping."

Also, remember to read your log from the bottom up: the most recent event is at the top.

What appears to have happened, with the information that you've posted, is that the client got to far away from the AP (or something got in the way), the AP dropped it when it failed to respond (with an "ACK" to the info previously sent).

Once the client came back into range (or the interfering element moved out of the way), the AP was able to reassociate the client.



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Re: Removing / Adding Clients

Thank you for the quick response.

I was not very clear in my original post. The access point is a Cisco 1200 and the devices are in a small room with the Access Point. I am wondering if the device is not used for some period a time if the message could also be received? If yes what is the length of time.

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