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Repeater keeps reassociating AP350 root / AP1200 Repeater

I have an AP 350 as the Root/AP, and an AP1200 as a repeater. The 1200 keeps reassociating to the 350 every 10 seconds to 10 minutes. I have a 40% signal, which should be good enough to keep connected.

Sometimes the 350 will say the 1200 "roamed" and then it will come back and associate. But the 1200 didn't roam to another AP that I can see.

Is there an issue with having a 350 for the root and a 1200 for the repeater? or is there a setting I can adjust to make it stay put?


Re: Repeater keeps reassociating AP350 root / AP1200 Repeater

You can try a couple of things to get the 1200 to stop reassociating. First you could for testing purposes change the roles of the two AP's. Second you can make sure that the AP's have the most current firmware on them. Third make sure that there is not anything between the 350 and 1200 that would cause interferrence, such as any 2.4 Ghz cordless phone or any other 2.4 Ghz wireless devices.

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Re: Repeater keeps reassociating AP350 root / AP1200 Repeater

I'll test changing the roles as you suggest and let you know. But the strange thing is that The 250 I took out of there works perfectly, so I put it back for now. I have another 1200 that seems to do the same thing in my test environment.

As for firmware, the 350's are on 12.00T and the 1200's are 12.01

There is no interference from phones, etc. on the 350, so I'm ruling that out of this case.

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