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RF Grouping not showing

I have configured 2 controllers with the same RF Group name in the CONTROLLERS-->GENERAL page. However, when I go to WIRELESS-->802.11A or B/G and look at RF Grouping I only see the indivdual controller I am on in the grouping. I do not see the other controller. Each controller feels it is the group leader as well.

I have verified these controllers can ping one another and they both are up in the same mobility group so they can communicate.

I am running code version

Any config steps I am missing here? I followed the config guide to the letter, which basically said to jsut add the group name, and I have double checked the RF Group Name is identical on each controller.

One caveat, I have no AP's joined yet, to either. Not sure if that in some way would be required. If not, can anyone lend any insight on what I might check in the configs or logs to see what is going on here?


Re: RF Grouping not showing

The absence of AP may explain your result. If no AP reports to any of the controllers, the controllers do not have APs belonging to the same RF space, and therefore have no reason to communicate with each other. This would be my first guess.

As for the process itself, you are right: controllers should belong to the same mobility group, and know each other (so each controller MAC and IP is entered into the other controller under Mobility group).

Also keep in mind that RRM information use UDP 12124/12134 for 82.11b/g and UDP 12125/12135 for 82.11a, these ports need to be open between controllers.

Hope it helps


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Re: RF Grouping not showing

Thank you for your help Jerome. I will be joining AP's to one of the controllers tomorrow, so I will update the post then to see if that in fact resolves the issue. The controllers themselves sit on the same subnet so no firewall is blocking communication. My hope was it was just not having an AP joined, so once I get to that point, I will update if the issue is resolved or not. If you think of anything else please let me know.

Thanks again,


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