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RF question with distributed Antennas


I have deployed a Cisco 1200 with both IOS and VxWorks. I have a distributed antenna scenario. I have one cable on the right hand connector that goes out about 100 feet goes through a three way splitter and then goes another 35 feet in three seperate direction. This floor is shaped like a very large X. Each end is terminated to a 3.3 dBi omni dierectional antenna. I get a good signal quality from each antenna and about 75 - 100 foot radius coverage from each antenna. The AP is located in a com closet. Are there any problems as far as delays are concerned under this scenario specifically with VoIP communication. An what parameters on the AP can I adjust.



Re: RF question with distributed Antennas

Well, no. Not within the frame of your question. No problem with delay.

The problem is probably multi-path, and significant loss and signal degradation through the splitters.

A three-way split is really a four-way split with one leg shunted. generally, that's (at least) an 8 db loss right off the top (probably closer to 9db at that frequency).

Depending on the cable used, you are probably tossing 80% of your signal or more. With all antennas fed from a single source, you have no diversity (generally a guard against reduced SQ and multipath problems).

Without knowing the details or seeing the system, it sounds like a seriously poor design....but if it's working for ya, go for it.

Good Luck


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