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roaming issue and 802.11b/g compatibility


Just wondering if anyone else has experience the problem I have - let me set the scene - new WLC system looking after about 34 access points spread over several warehouses. We have problems with one bit of kit called the DLoG MPC6 which is a windows embedded terminal fitted to our fork lift trucks.

First issues seems that there were lot's of lost packets and network connection dropping whilst wireless network was set to 802.11b & g - this seemed to go away when we made it a 'b' only network - but the problem still existed (to a lesser extent) - However the terminals work fine when they roam into an old legacy warehouse that is still running autonomous kit. The terminal supplier is saying that his equipment will not work on LWAPP AP’s and we need to roll back our AP’s to IOS thus making it an autonomous environment ! I find this hard to take as everything else works in the new building (bar code scanners / pc’s etc) surely the problem is with the chipset / client device.

Anyone else had any issues like this?


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