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Roaming issues


I'm having roaming problems at a customer.

I have 1 WLC 5508, software version and 20 AP (AIR-CAP1602I-T-K9) installed on the head office and 15 AP x 3 Branch office.

The roaming problem occurs at all sites, even using 2.4 or 5 ghz and with any devices, laptop, mobile, tablets.

Sometimes the connection drops, other times I need to disconnect and connect again to the WLAN.

Sometimes I have poor signal, even if I move bellow another AP, the roaming doesn't occur.

Troubleshootings that I did:

Site survey using Airmagnet Pro, there is some others SSID on same channels (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)
Debug tracking an user mac address, but nothing was found.
DCA channels config to default, DCA channel list remains 1,6,11.

Additional information: This issue also occurs using 802.1x or WPA PSK.

Should I use static channels? 

Any advice is welcome.


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You need to make sure your

You need to make sure your using WPA/TKIP of WPA2/AES, not a mix of either or both at the same time.  Try that first as you have no issues with other authentication methods, so no need to change anything else.

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Hi Scott, thank you for

Hi Scott, thank you for answer.

I've just tested with WPA2/AES and the issue is still happening.

I tried without authentication and still occur.

At this moment I have 525 Rogue APs listed on WLC... May I disable A/B/G/N low data rates, is this a possible issue?



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can you share, show WLAN <id>

can you share, show WLAN <id> + debug client <client MAC >

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I've attached the info.

I've attached the info.



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in the debug output i can't

in the debug output i can't see any reassociation request from the client ,


if this debug collected while the client is roaming between two APs , then the issue is either a coverage hole or a client side issue ,


 please share traplog 

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Thanks for helping

Thanks for helping I've disabled the data rates under 11mb from both 2.4 and 5 GHz. The roaming issue is no longer happening.
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