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Roaming issues

I have a customer that is having roaming issues. The logs show the following message:

Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 000f.f84e.ac6c Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid

Packet to client 000f.f84e.ac6c reached max retries, removing the client

According to Cisco could be a result of RF Interference.

The logs also show these messages:

Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 000e.843b.fae9 Reason: Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) BSS

I was wondering if these too could be a result of RF Interference.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Roaming issues

Is your wirelesss network is large, you should configure a SWAN: Strutured Wireless Aware Network. This enable monitoring interference in the signals.

Please, visit:

In the past, I have the same problem.

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Re: Roaming issues

This message occours when a wireless client is out of range of the associated access point. This can be caused by radio interference disrupting the signal and causing blackspots, however it can also be caused simply because the network does not cover where the client is. If the client is roaming, depending on the architecture your using, you will either see an associate message from the next access point, or a 'roamed to' message.

To be certain, use the Site Survey tool and follow the client, check to see if the signal suddenly degrades (indicating interference) or if it gradualy degrades then drops out (indicating poor coverage).

Other possible causes could be that the two access points are using channels that are to close to each other (eg AP1 uses channel 11, and AP2 uses channel 10). Try and make adjacent access points use channels as far apart as possible (eg 1, 7, 11).

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Re: Roaming issues

It would be better to use 1,6,11 because 7 and 11 have overlap as well.

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