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RRM and Client Load Balancing questions

Good Morning

I have a question about using Client Load balancing and a RRM question.

1) With Client load balancing. When enabled on the WLAN any AP's in groups with no RF Profile, does it just use the default? We have 3602i\e AP's in Flex Mode, OEAP 602s and 1252 AP's (single Radios) on the same controller. Do you see a problem if I enable Client Band Select with these varying AP's and environments?

2) We have an environment in NYC that is just saturated with 2.4ghz interference and Noise from neighboring 802.11 networks. Looking at RRM, should i run these environments in Interference Optimal mode or Coverage optimal mode? If i create a new RF Profile for these environments will that accomplish the same results of keeping it in Coverage Mode (to support our other environents)? I guess the only noticable change is the Power Neighbor Count.

Thoughts on both?                


Re: RRM and Client Load Balancing questions

to answer you questions

1. if you do have issue with 2.4 G and most clients are dual band, you can enable it. but only turn it when necessary. OEAP 600 does not support band select, APs in a flexconnect group should support band select

2. TPCv2 should be used with caution and unless you are told by Cisco, or you don't need to use it. RF pofile is used to accomodate different rf designs on same wlc, it depends on your design.

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RRM and Client Load Balancing questions

Shaogin Li,

Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by only turn it on when necessary? I thoght once its enabled on the WLAN its enabled for any AP Groups or AP's that use that WLAN? As far as Office Extend and flex connect, if they dotn support it it just will ignore that setting correct?

I am really looking to help mitigate the extreme saturation we have in the 2.4ghz band. Would tweaking the RRM for TPC help this? I have not been instructed by Cisco to change to TPCv2 but the settings that TPCv2 versus v1 are not much different. It looks like i can effectively move to TPCv2 just by altering the TPCv1 settings? What are the primary differences other than Power Neighbor count (what ever that means).

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