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RRM Channel Change client impact

I am trying to understand what happens to a client when it is connected to an AP that changes channels via RRM. Does the client follow to the new channel or does it find an AP on the same channel it was talking to the AP before the AP changed?

Will the client experience a drop in service that would result in users having to relogin into apps, etc. ?

What is considered excessive channel changing? I.E "x" number of times per day. week, month?

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Re: RRM Channel Change client impact

What I have seen is that channel re-assignment on a WLAN does affect clients. Clients will drop and then will try to connect to another AP if available. So when you say, what is considered excessive, I must say, a couple times a day when users are on it is enough to have them complain and hate the wireless. If you do notice channels changing frequently, them hard set the channels and be done with it.

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