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Setup-question on BR350

In my world the Cisco Aironet 350 things are being used as bridges - simply replacing slow APL-lines. As so, I realy hate the menu-based setup on these boxes. An IOS-like command line is far preferable as I'm able to generate a configuration and now or later store it onto the router. With the menu-stuff I tend to forget things or in other way screw them up.

In the menu, there's a possibility to dump the configuration. This configuration is formatted in a way, that could imply the possible reverse action - I just don't know how to store a configuration on the BR350.

Further Dump doesn't give me all possible keywords - e.g. the keywords needed for the WEP-keys is missing. Those key's are in fact especially

important - as I would like to keep a configuration in a safe place in order

to replace one unit only in case of a breakdown.

You might argue that it's possible to distribute a configuration through the air or through the Ethernet and that way at least get the configuration right on 'the other' part of the bridge. However I fail to understand how this can happen without having to go through most of the menus anyway in order to install the IP-addresses and the WEP-keys.

Jan Ferré

Cisco Employee

Re: Setup-question on BR350

WEP keys will not be dumped in the config at all..Its because of security reason..You need to import the config on AP/BR and enter the WEP key manually..

Now there are future plans to have IOS based AP/BR..May be later this year..


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