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Show Dot11 Commands

Hi all,

Can somebody ,please, clarify for me what the command "show dot11 statistics client-traffic" shows to me? The output usually looks like: pak in 24289 bytes in 5050182 pak out 32230 bytes out 35936358

dup 47 decrpyt err 0 mic mismatch 0 mic miss 0

tx retries 3455 data retries 3455 rts retries 0

signal strength 62 signal quality N/A

But is the units for signal strength are dBm or mW? And why the quality is N/A? What values are better ? 60 or 19 (for strength)? So if anybody can provide me with an explanation for the last 2 lines it would be great. By the way, do you know where on all the "show dot11" commands get explained?

Cause, additional hard to understood output is "show dot11 associations" shows MACs "not related to any ssid" (how can it be in the first place?) or shows MACs which are do associated to (the only) broadcasted SSID but the IP is Why and what does it mean?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Show Dot11 Commands

First of all thank you for answering my question. On the other hand, look - this was the first place for me to go on Unfortunately (and this is the very problem itself), for some odd and mysterious reasons there is no clear explanation for those commands on this or any other page on In fact, the only (!) explanation for "show dot11 statistics client-traffic" is "Use the show dot 11 statistics client-traffic privileged EXEC command to display the radio client traffic statistics".

No single word about the output and it interpretation. That's strange as its sounds.

The same goes for why there are Macs which are "not associated to any SSID" in "show dot11 associations".

So, if anybody knows the answer for the previously posted questions - please post the answers. For my opinion it would be interesting for the whole community.

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