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Site Specific VLANs

I have a scenrio where I will have two SSIDs per APs throughout the campus (81 APs in all) and would like the clients when associate to an AP in building 1 be assign a Vlan different than a client that is associated to a AP in building 2. The clients will use the same SSID, but another SSID will be on the APs for other clients to use (different security policy).

Does the site specifc vlan (AP group) feature allow for multiple SSIDs on an AP or does this feature work only with a single SSID throughout the wireless network? If not, are their ways to accomplish this feature (ie Radius assigned Vlans)?

Thank you for you assistance.


Re: Site Specific VLANs

Yes, the AP groups will allow you to assing multiple SSID's to the group. You just need to make sure that when you configure the groups, you set them to use the correct interface for the VLAN that is going to be associated to.

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Re: Site Specific VLANs

Great. Thanks.

So I can have two (2) buildings with two (2) APs each with two (2) SSIDS on each AP.



I would configure two (2) AP groups, APG1 and APG2 with the SSIDs mentioned above mapped to the correct VLAN for each SSID in each AP Group. So I would have to configure four (4) Vlans prior to configuring the AP Groups.

Am I thinking this correctly?

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