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Spectrum Analyser : Where and how much ?

We have 600 AP/BR all over the campus.

Some of them wont connect clients and show high noice on all the channels.

We had consultants do the Wireless Survey.

( they just used the Site survey client)

Before I start droping the powers on the surrounding AP, we decided to

do a go for the Spectrum Analyser?

Any suggestions ?


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Re: Spectrum Analyser : Where and how much ?

If you paid someone to walk around your campus with a laptop and you still have the problem, I'd say get a new consultant.

The cheap answer is to use the Carrier Test built into the AP. This will tell you how much signal and noise each AP sees from surrounding radios. That alone will help you correct channelization problems (don't forget you're working in 3 dimensions).

You can get a Spectrum Analyzer for 2.4GHz for a few thousand, but unless you know what you are looking at, and what you are looking for, it may not help you.

Let me know if you want some help, even remotely. I can run the Carrier Test from here if I have telnet access and help you interpret the information.

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Spectrum Analyser : Where and how much ?

Noise Value is 97% and the Carrier busy show all the avail channel busy.

Mostly these AP's are in loacation like cafe ( McDonals, neon decorations, etc)

The clients connect to the AP's on the other locations.

(since the signal strength is low, the connection is slow)

We have new building to be site survyed soon, I have refered your company to my boss.

Thanks for your reply and also for the distribution of config file with diff channel settings.

:-) Our previous consultants,they were recomended by and paid for by he vendor.

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Re: Spectrum Analyser : Where and how much ?

Happy to help.

What's Michigan like this time of year? : )

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Spectrum Analyser : Where and how much ?

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