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SSID + Layer 3 roaming across subnets

Morning Guys,

I have a situation in which I have a site where all the APs are not in the same subnet and thus the IP Addresses received by my clients are different. However, all APs are advertising the same SSID which is permitting roaming at the lower layers. Is there a configuration I can apply to the Access Points that will allow for clients to roam across SSIDs in a different subnet and get a new IP address without doing a ipconfig /renew or disabling and or enabling the wireless?

I'm using Aironet 1200 series Access Points



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SSID + Layer 3 roaming across subnets

You are using autonomous AP's so really you need to keep them in the same layer 2 subnet.

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Re: SSID + Layer 3 roaming across subnets


Just out of curiosity, if everything is working why do you want to force the client to re-IP?

Is this a WLC or IoS AP deployment?

I want to make sure I understand what you are needing before I make any recommendations


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SSID + Layer 3 roaming across subnets

Hi Steve,

While in most sites I have them in the same subnet there is a site where they are in 2 subnets. I was hoping to be able to make the roam seamless. If you have to disable and enable the wireless or perform an ipconfig /renew it takes away from the seamlessness :-).

Any suggestions would be welcome. However, I can understand what Scott is saying also as that is how it currently works.

The environment consists of all Anonymous AP various Aironent 1200 series, i.e. 100, 1250, etc.

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