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strange issue


i have two WISM deployed on two core switches for redundancy ,there are two problems happened the first one is the new access point that i added to our system didn't take IP after some time its get IP then it lost it

the second issue is coverage in the hall its showing some clients disconnected and don't authentication for some times(EAP-TLS)and connected then disconnected.

please check the logs for the two WISM

please advice


Re: strange issue

It looks as though the AP may not actually be disassociating. I think you tried to swapping the AP.

Re: strange issue

Issue #1: Can you share with us how you have your WLAN set up for the APs to get an IP Address. DNS, 43??

Issue #2: If your clients are getting kicked from the network for a period of time and then coming back. You may want to check CLIENT EXCLUSION. If you have that on, your clients maybe getting kicked by the controller and put in hold for a period of time before allowing it back on the network ...

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Re: strange issue

i havr DNS and option 43

not clients the main issue is the access points lose connectivity and coudnt take ip address some times and back again then not connected

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