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Strange VLAN issue on aironet access points

I'm setting up some access points for WPA. I've ran into a strange issue. The client VLAN (VLAN that the users will be put into) is 1, and the native VLAN is 10. The RADIUS server is in VLAN 1 (but I have a test RADIUS server in VLAN 10 as well). I can connect from the access point to a RADIUS server in either VLAN, and from the RADIUS servers to the access point as well. When I point to a RADIUS server in VLAN10 authentication works fine. If I point to a RADIUS server that is located in VLAN1, and I put the wireless clients in VLAN10 it works fine. But for some reason when I have the RADIUS server and the clients in VLAN (1) and the native (BVI1) interface in VLAN 10 the authentication packets never seem to get to the RADIUS server. It is as if the authentication is being sources out of the wrong VLAN. I can?t find any docs to say that this isn?t a supported configuration.


Re: Strange VLAN issue on aironet access points

Hi Shannon,

have a look here:

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Significance of Native VLAN

When you use an IEEE 802.1Q trunk port, all frames are tagged except those on the VLAN configured as the "native VLAN" for the port. Frames on the native VLAN are always transmitted untagged and are normally received untagged. Therefore, when an AP is connected to the switchport, the native VLAN configured on the AP must match the native VLAN configured on the switchport.

Note: If there is a mismatch in the native VLANs, the frames are dropped.

This scenario is better explained with an example. If the native VLAN on the switchport is configured as VLAN 12 and on the AP, the native VLAN is configured as VLAN 1, then when the AP sends a frame on its native VLAN to the switch, the switch considers the frame as belonging to VLAN 12 since the frames from the native VLAN of the AP are untagged. This causes confusion in the network and results in connectivity problems. The same happens when the switchport forwards a frame from its native VLAN to the AP.

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Best regards,


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Re: Strange VLAN issue on aironet access points

Thanks Frank. I just got back to the office. When I set up the access points I setup the VLANs with 10 as the native VLAN. Somehow along the way 1 became native (may have changed when pushing a config with WLSE). In any case, I'm sure the native VLAN error is causing the problems. Thanks for the response.

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