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Strength Vs Quality

I have 3 points X, Y and Z. Y is the cental point equiped with one bridge 340 and 12dbi omni antenna, the others sites have one bridge 340 and Yagi 13.5 dbi antennas each of them. They are configured with 11 Mbps speed. From X to Y is 1,8 kms and Y to Z is 2,7 Kms. There is a mast in both X & Y and they can see each other, also Y & Z can see each other. I did a link test from Y to X and I can see 60% of signal strength and 70 % of Quality.

I did a link test from Y to Z and I can see 20% of signal strength and 50 % of Quality.

What I can do for to get better level in radio signal?

What is the relation between Strength & Quality of signal?

Is more important Strength than Quality of signal ?

Could I get 80% of signal strength and 80 % of Quality with this antennas and distance?.

Thanks a lot,

Norma Parra

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Re: Strength Vs Quality

With that configuration, you should have a good signal and throughput at both remote locations - IF you have little or no coax from the bridges to the antennas.

You can use the Carrier Test in each bridge to check noise levels on each channel, which will detract from the quality of your links. Configure your equipment for whatever channel has the least noise.

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Strength Vs Quality


I have a 50 ft Low-loss Antenna Cable.

Is it very long?

How I have align the antenas yagis respect to Omni? Is there something special alignment for this case?


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Re: Strength Vs Quality

If you are using that 50' cable at each site you will get 1 to 2Mbps on the longer link and 5.5Mbps on the shorter link. If you are not getting reliable links at those data rates you may have another prolem, like wrong polarization, a bad connector or poor line of sight.

If those data rates are not fast enough, you need to do one of the following:

- shorten the cable

- increase gain at X and Z

- amplify Y

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Strength Vs Quality

Hi ,

a) Signal Strength is How much signal is powerfull / It is intentisity of the signal

Signal Quality is how much signal is clear

for the receiver bridge to decode .

More the signal stregth does not mean good link but more the signal quality means good link .

Aprox per 100 feet you will loose 5-6 fb

Line of sight is needed .

have you tried the RF calcualtor , here is

the link

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