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Suggestions for high density client areas

I've had a request to provide classroom wireless access - on the order of 150 laptops in a room taking online exams. We have boxes of 1230s and a nice 4402 WLC but that all seems a bit inadequate to handle this request. There is a single 1230 in this particular room (of 4 in the building) and I'm going to add two more to the room with some wall mount flat antennas but I don't think that's going to get 'er all done. And there's another class room that will likley get the 1/2 or better of the same load and it's only about 60' away. It'll be all about G radios because I'm sure none of these students (or a very small percentage) have N equipment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Suggestions for high density client areas

Use 1240AGs, dual radios. I have lots of training rooms and found that 3 dual band radio APs in the coverage area were adequate. It all depends on the nature of the traffic, ie. bandwidth per trainee used.

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Re: Suggestions for high density client areas

That got me to thinking - maybe N is not a bad idea. The 1250 is a step up from the 1240 and the increased channel size might be of more benefit. And since this particular division is pretty much demanding a solution, the solution may require that the users also step up.

Re: Suggestions for high density client areas

We deal with this a lot. Radio placement is key. You can use "bags of water" - people to help with signal containment. If you build zones for 2.4 and keep your radios low, you can accommodate a lot more people in a given area. You can also backfill with some 802.11a only radios as well to a certain degree.

We use a combination of 1252s and 1242s.

The 1252s are nice for sheer performance and the 1242s are nice for directional signal. We have seen the 1242s handle large loads as well.

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