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Support for 1000 series in ?

I just read the release notes for WLC update and I saw this line:


Cisco Aironet 1000 Series Access Points-The 1000 series access points are not supported for use with controller software release


Our entire network consists of 1010 and 1020 AP's (17 of them), does this mean that I can't update to and that I'm stuck on forever, or until I replace all of my APs ?

If Yes, what is the best AP to update to, to ensure a long lifespan, and is it worth the cost ?


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Re: Support for 1000 series in ?

We have exactly the same problem and i can confirm 5.x doesnt work with AP1010's.

The best you can do is upgrade to which I had to roll back to and works fine.

We run mixed 1200's and 1000's and the 1200's run fine on 5.x

Re: Support for 1000 series in ?

the 1000 series are vxworks based and are no longer supported under 5.x code. EOS/EOL for the 1000 series was announced 9/07.

If you want n support, go with the 1252 radios, otherwise go for the 1242 radios. Those two models are the "long term" Cisco models.

We faced the same dilemma, but I do not see a very compelling reason to upgrade to 5.x yet.

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Re: Support for 1000 series in ?

Hello Ericgarnel

A couple of follow ups on that:

1. I see that 1252 has 6 antennas, does this mean that these APs have a lot better coverage than 1010 and 1020 and I can get away with less APs ?

2. We have a WLC4402-25 today and we're using one GB port on it. If we would change to 1252 APs the theoretical bandwitdh would be approx six times greater, will a 4402 be enough to satisfy the needs even if we connect the second GB port or do we have to upgrade that aswell ?


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