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Testing 1310 link

I'm setting up a pair of 1310s to be set installed a few hundred miles away.

Out of the box with c1310-k9w7-mx.123-8.JEA3

To test the link here I have the two bridges EAP-Associated with a laptop attached to each via crossover and console cables. No vlans. Bridges and laptops are all on the same subnet. No routers or switches in the mix.

Ping and telnet between the bridges works fine.


Only intermittently can I ping between the laptops or from the root bridge to the non-root laptop & vice-versa. I once got a remote desktop connection between the laptops but it dropped.

I've tried static arp entries on the bridges with the IP and MAC of the peer bridge's laptop. Only sometimes does this seem to help. Proxy-arp and a broadcast address on the BVI didn't help either.

Is this normal; am I beating my head on the wall for no reason? What may I be missing?



Re: Testing 1310 link

Did you mean to say "few hundred feet"? :)

Can you post "show dot11 assoc", curious to see SNR



New Member

Re: Testing 1310 link

Sorry, I didn't proof read my post very well. I'm setting these up to ship off to be installed a few hundred miles from me. Link distance will only be a few hundred yards at most. Given the distance from me, I need the config to be bullet proof before handing off to the pole monkeys.

I was working on them in my office across the room from each other. SNR was 55 and Signal strength was -40 with radios at lowest setting. Data rate was 54.

I've boxed them back up and hope to convince my boss to let me escort them to the site.

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