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Total number of configured WLAN:s in WiSM, is it really 16???


I have a customer which network is based on 2 6500:s in the serverroom. The WAN is a L2-network with 802.1q-trunks and all Vlan:s are routed in the 6500:s.

Now we want to implement Wireless and 2 WiSM:s have been purshased. But now we find in the spec:s that the total number of Wlan:s are 16. And even as low as 8 depending of AP models.

Can this really be true?

What we want to do is to provide a department of wireless-access to the same vlan as their wired network. The network consists of a large number of vlan:s (as high as 4-500) and we want to provide wireless access on a lot of these places.

This means that on each physical location we do only want 1-2 Wlan/SSID:s. However, the total number of SSID:s/Wireless VLAN:s in the WiSM should be plenty much more than 16.

Is this possible, or are we thinking wrong?

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Re: Total number of configured WLAN:s in WiSM, is it really 16??

Depending on the AP, you can only have 8 or 16 SSID's. YOu shouldn't have the wireless users on the same subnet as your wired.... not best practice. What you should look at is AP-Groups... this allows you to have a single SSID mapped to various (wireless) subnets. This should help you:

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