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TPC - Can it increase power levels? Or Not?

Hello all,

so as the Cisco RRM document states :

"The TPC algorithm is only responsible for turning power levels down"

but on the calculation criteria, it says "If Tx power needs to be increased: TPC hysteresis of 3dBm must be met"

I have asked a similar question on TPC before:

But I am still a little confused.

Many thx indeed,


Community Member

Re: TPC - Can it increase power levels? Or Not?

Hi Guys,

Couple of more points here.

1. Can I say that TPC is to reduce power only within the RF domain based on the -65 default value and to stop RF-bleed.

2. Can I say that the Coverage Hole Algorithm function is the only way that APs would increase the TX power if they see a client for "x" amount of time with an SNR below the configured threshold?

3. Is it not a risk, to have coverage hole detection, as a "client" could increase your infrastructure RF bleed and this could be a client not even associated to your network? I would understand if an AP went down, to cover the covergae hole, but a client with a bad signal, that can change the dynamics of your network ???????

4. Can you disable Coverage Hole Algorithm on the WLC?

I suppose the main way of looking at this (and correct me if I am wrong) is TPC is there to stop RF bleed (correct) and Coverage Hole Algorithms are there to increase range of RF signal (Correct?)

Many thx guys, - Need a beer!


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