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Trunk with WLC and 1400BR problem

hi everybody,

i have the next proble, i hope someone can help me

Actually I wrok with a 1522 Mesh Network,1130 LWAPP and Bridge 1400 point to point. 1522 and 1130 are asociated with WLC.

I have a WLC4402 ( (Mesh)image) this wlc is conected via trunk to Sw3750 ex:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

RAP1 is connected to the sameSw3750 ex:

interface FastEthernet1/0/23

description RAP1

switchport access vlan 10

**(VLAN 10 is Mgmt)**

AP1(1130) is connected to the same Sw3750 ex:

interface FastEthernet1/0/1

description AP1

switchport access vlan 10

The 1410BR Root is connected via trunk to same Sw3750 ex:

interface FastEthernet1/0/19

description BR-1400R

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 10

switchport mode trunk

In the other point is the Non-Root connected to a Sw2960 ex:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1

switchport trunk native vlan 10

switchport mode trunk

AP2(1130) connected to the same Sw2960 ex:

interface fa0/23

descriptipon AP2

switchport access vlan 10

The network is work fine, Mesh UP (RAP and MAPs), and 1130 too.I connected the 1400 Bridge point after the Mesh is up, and the link between Root and Non Root is UP

Now, when the Sw3750 goes down or reboot,the RAP and AP1(1130) can't associated to WLC. The ports of RAP and 1130 are down and up many times, so can't associated to a WLC. Only the Bridge point 1400 Root and Non-root are UP, and the AP2(1130) in the other side can associated to the WLC.

When shutdown the port of the Root Bridge, Now the RAP1 and AP1(1130) can associated to the WLC and the Mesh Net is UP. Then no shutdown the Root Bridge port and the link between Bridges are UP, AP2(1130) up to the controller too.

But after several minutes the Bridge down, and the event log in the Root is:Interface Dot11Radio0 Radio transmit power out of range.

So i have this problems

1) Trunks between WLC and 1400 BR

2) Bridge conectivity range.




Re: Trunk with WLC and 1400BR problem

The Outdoor Bridge Range Calculation Utility uses parameters that include regulatory domain, device type, data rate, antenna gain, and a few others as inputs.

You can avoid connectivity problems with the Outdoor Bridge Calculation Utility, as this tool helps you to predict the distance between devices. In a wireless environment without a tool like this, you cannot predict the distance between the bridges, the height at which you must place the antennas for maximum throughput, and other variables. This utility also helps you decide on the type of antenna that you must use in order to cover the distance between the bridges.