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Turn off/on wlan

We are using two WLCs e several LAPs, a WCS and an ACS radius.

The question: it is possible turn off the radio, automatically, and than turn on at determined time?

thanx for you support

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Re: Turn off/on wlan

The only way you can do this is to run some sort of script. SSH to the WLC and disable the radio on a particular AP. There is no function on the WLC to disable a radio. On ACS, you can set day's and time for a certain user policy, but it will not disable a radio.

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Re: Turn off/on wlan

Fella5 is correct, scripting is the way to go.

Another alternate is use time-based acls on an upstream device.

You could also look into the option of ethernet controlled power strips for the APs, but it is not very financially feasible.

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Re: Turn off/on wlan

Tx for replay.

It is possible with some script disable the WLAN instead of the single radio of the APs.

There is a CLI command to change a WLAN status?

Like in the GUI:


Tab: General

field: Status

value: check/uncheck


Re: Turn off/on wlan

You could try using and expect/tcl script to do a 'config wlan disable '

I'm not sure if a standard script would barf on the user login/password delay, but it is worth trying.

Also, I keep hearing rumours of an IOS like CLI for the controllers in an upcoming release, if that is the case, then scripting will be super easy.

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