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Two 1242ag bridge with 5gz at 800'

I need to bridge from our office to our shop that is around 800 feet away.  Here are the Details

I need the 2.4 ghz antenna for client access (Iphones are not compatiable with 802.11a)

The locations are 800 feet away but are line of sight.

I need to use the 5ghz antenna for the bridge

i have 2 aironet 1242ag's

I have 2 2.4 ghz AIR-ANT3213 antennas (planned for client access)

I have 2 2.4 ghz AIR-ANT2506 (maybe useless for this)

My problem is that the range of all the listed 5 ghz antennas.  None that i can find will bridge 54mb over the 5ghz radio for greater than 170ft

The closest that i can find is AIR-ANT5195.  If i put these on both sides and it is outdoors line of sight, will the best i can hope for is functioning and 6mb

are there any other antennas that would be a better fit? Are there options on 5ghz that i am missing.




Re: Two 1242ag bridge with 5gz at 800'

Get yourself a pair of cheap tranzeo bridges. They are small light and do the trick. They are self contained units so no need for extra antennas etc ... I just hooked up a pair with Cisco APs on each end for end user connections. We are about 800 feet away as well, but we have LOS. I dont know what you have to puch through but i think not having LOS will be a bigger issue ..

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Two 1242ag bridge with 5gz at 800'

Hello Kevin,

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