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Two WLC 2504 in same Network

I have two WLC 2504 controllers. These controllers are for two different buildings. But they share a VLAN, and network address range.

How can I control the access points to the register selected only at a specific controller.


AP 1 -> WLC 1

AP 2 -> WLC 2

AP 3 -> WLC 1

Since the buildings also broadcast in different SSID.

The two controllers are in a mobility group.


Re: Two WLC 2504 in same Network

You can use HA.

When an ap joins a wlc go to wireless tab in wlc gui and click on your ap, go then to high availability tab.

Provide the primary controller name and ip address. After configuration the ap will join that wlc (allow t sometime or reboot the ap if you are in hurry).

See this:



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Re: Two WLC 2504 in same Network

I also ran into an install similar to yours. My client had a flat network and each wlc had licenses for the amount of APs in a particular building. What I did to make sure the APs never join the other wlc, is to use a Mac list. This allowed me to enter the APs base Mac address on the wlc and I enabled under the ap policy to verify authorization using Mac list. You can also do what AA mentioned which is good practice, but you have a chance that APs might join the other wlc. If the other wlc has different configurations, it might cause issues until the ap falls back to its primary.

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Re: Two WLC 2504 in same Network


As mention above you can use high availability on the APs, basically you will need that one the APs join any WLC you then go to wireless tab, select the AP and set the options of primary and secondary, etc WLC.

Re: Two WLC 2504 in same Network

You could also put these into the same mobility domain. Just incase aps ever get broken up on the controllers the clients will roam without issues.

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