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Ultimate Fall back solution for a 1,200 AP, in a WCS, 12 WLC delpoyment

I'm rolling out a full LWAPP converstion from my current WLSE/WDS environment. Everything is going well, but a few points. What have other folks done with a final fall back solutions?

My point is this:

We have 9 different campuses, each with anywhere from 75 to 250 AP's.

Breaking them down, all campuses have plenty of WLC for the current AP's and room for roughly 35 or 40 more.

Given this, I'm setting up there Moblity groups within the campus for roaming, and of course fall back.

Here is the problem, Its not cost effective to place and equal and opposite amount of controller to cover a failing one.

example: 165 AP's at one campus, 2 100 4404 controllers installed and running. Based on the Moblity group and controller assignment, one controller has 100 AP's rougly, and the other 65.

If either one of these fails, the AP's "Fall back" to the other controller. If I'm right, based on this example, the "UP" controller can only take the load for how much it has room, thus leaving some AP's out in the wind.

Is this correct? If not, can either controller handle the full load, if only for a short period of time?

My thought for a solution would be a "fall back" location at our DR area or main data center for a 100 AP controller. Problem is, if the white papers are correct, that controller would have to be part of everyone's moblity group and this could get messy with all campuses sharing the same moblity group yes?

What really happens when the AP has no controller to go to that has room?

Does it go back to the master? What if I deliver the Master's IP via option 43 in DHCP? Would that be the final fall back for an AP in an over crowed Mobility group?

Sorry for the long post, I'm just curious what others have done with this size of deployment.

Thank you!


Re: Ultimate Fall back solution for a 1,200 AP, in a WCS, 12 WLC

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