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Update of signatures of IDS on WLC?

Hi Sir,

I know from the fact that the wireless LAN controller has a standard signatures for IDS. Is there a need to update the IDS signatures since new attacks can be found every 3 to 6 months? If yes, where can I get the latest signatures IDS downoad?

By upgrading the software version of WLC, will there be an upgrade of the signatures of the built-in IDS too?




Re: Update of signatures of IDS on WLC?

Hi Delon,

The IDS signature can not be updated independently. You can download it if you want to manually edit it to add your own signatures, but it is now upgraded along with the controller code.

There is a code maintenance release about every other month, so it is maintained pretty well up to date... and it is about wireless related attacks, right? There are not that many new attacks at wireless layer 2, although 802.11n seems to stimulate a few new ones...


New Member

Re: Update of signatures of IDS on WLC?

Hi Jerome,

You're right. It is about wireless related attacks. I thought this is similar to other LAN IDS product in the market which required constant updates of new signatures for new attacks.

Thanks for your reply,


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Re: Update of signatures of IDS on WLC?

No it's not.... either you upgrade code all the time :) or you edit it yourself. WLC isn't a true IDS... maybe that's why they don't have regular updates, just general.

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