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Upgrade Controllers from to

I'm planning on upgrading the software of all our controllers from to The release notes state the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Controller Boot Software ER.aes is required. Should I upgrade to first, reboot, then upgrade to, then reboot?


Re: Upgrade Controllers from to

Make sure you are not using a 2106 that one doesnt support this ER.aes file.

I suggest that you make a backup of your config, upgrade the bootloader and then the WLC code to

Release notes :

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Re: Upgrade Controllers from to

The controllers are in 6513s.

backup configs

upgrade bootloader, reboot

upgrade WLC code, reboot.


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Re: Upgrade Controllers from to

Would you be able to confirm if the latest boot software file ( ER.aes) is required when using WiSM software ? I guess my question is what boot software should I be using if I'm currently using a WiSM with software? At the moment I'm using bootloader version.

I'm having to re-install the WiSM IOS to one of my controllers to due to possible corruption. Currently this controller is in production and supporting up to 138 AP's at the moment. As I'm trying to add new AP's they keep erroring out with unable to Tar file, and I've tried with 3 other new 1130's. However, when I pointed the AP's over to a different WLC within the same mobility group they joined with no problems and were able register and download it's software.

My peers who've had this same issue in the past had to re-install the WiSM IOS.

Greatly appreicated.


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