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Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: MAXED

Hello everyone.

I'm getting a little frustrated with this tool as I'm unable to get a conversion and I'm not sure what the actual problem is. It keeps telling me the username and/or password is incorrect. But it's not. I've checked, double checked, quadruple checked the ip txt file I don't know how many times. The weird thing is, I can even telnet to the AP I'm trying to convert, do a sh users (which takes forever) and I can see the user sitting there idle that the Upgarde Tool is using?!

So to clarify, the lay out of the file is as follows:,username,password,enablepassword

As these are all new AP's, I attempted to use the default user/pass/enable - Cisco,Cisco,Cisco. No luck. I added another user -

user admin privelege 15 password test

and changed the enable secret to test.

so the ip file looks like:,admin,test,test

didn't work, still incorrect username and pass. So, I thought since the admin suer and Cisco user both don't actually have to enable I'll add an admin user with a privelege of 1 that forces him to enable. Still, nothing. Again, I can telnet to the AP(s)and do a sh users and see the admin user sitting there idle! This has completely drove me nuts as this is supposed to be simple. BTW, I'm using tftpd for the dhcp server (tftp server turned off, using LWAPP tool) any issues with this? Kindly help, I'm abotu to pitch everything out the window

BTW: I forgot what version of IOS the AP's started with, but it was over the required version. Since that didn't work, I did upgrade a batch to 12.4(3g)JA. Still nothing. Also, I'm attempting to convert the AP's to 12.3(11)JX1


Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M

When there is no enable password is given in the IP file list, then Upgrade Tool v2.05 was failing to enter to enable prompt and reporting and improper UI message. Enable password is also important for Upgrade to work so it not an optional

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Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M

Hi Raun,

Have a look at these tips;

Troubleshoot Tips

These tips can be used when you upgrade from autonomous to LWAPP mode:

If the NVRAM is not cleared when the controller tries to write to it after the conversion, problems are caused. Cisco recommends to clear the configuration before you convert an AP to LWAPP. In order to clear the configuration:

From the IOS GUI - Go to System Software > System Configuration > Reset to Defaults, or Reset to Defaults Except IP.

***From CLI - Issue the write erase and reload commands at the CLI and do not allow the configuration to be saved when prompted.

This also makes the text file of APs to be converted by the Upgrade Tool more simple to create as the entries become ,Cisco,Cisco,Cisco.

Cisco recommends that you use the tftp32. You can download the latest TFTPD server at .

If you use the Upgrade Tool embedded TFTP server, a common culprit is personal firewall software, which blocks the incoming TFTP. Make sure this is turned off.

Double check the image you are trying to upgrade to. The upgrade from IOS to LWAPP images is different from the normal IOS images.

Under My Documents/My Computer--> Tools--> Folder Options, make sure you uncheck the Hide file extensions for known file types check box.

Always make sure to use the latest available Upgrade Tool and Upgrade Recovery Image. The latest versions are available in the Wireless Software Center.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M

Thanks guys, I appreciate your responses. I finally figured out what the issue was though, it was an illegal character in the hostname. It was causing some very strange behavior. The version of IOS we were at, we had name:asset#. When trying to go directly to the LWAP IOS, it refused to do it and just gave the invalid username/password. It wasn't until I upgraded the IOS as a potential fix and noticed an error on boot about the illegal hostname. Very Odd. But hey, probably solved. Thanks again!

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Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M

Hi Raun,

Good stuff! Thanks for posting back with your results. 5 points for sure (I am glad to hear that you didn't have to pitch it all out the window :)

Take care,



Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M


Thanks for these troubleshooting tips and all of your posts to this forum. They rate a 5.


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Re: Upgrade Tool v2.05 - Having some issues Frustration Level: M

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your very kind words :) I have learned a great deal from the experts (like yourself)who add their knowledge here on these forums and it's always been a pleasure to try and help a fellow NetPro, even in the smallest way!

Take care my friend,