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Upgrading IOS on 1242AG

I am attempting to upgrade 41 cisco aironet 1242AG access points. I am receiving a timeout error and no data is being transmitted. We are upgrading from 12.3(8)JA2 to 12.4(10b)JA1. We are using Air Fortress as our wireless auth. appliance. What I've done so far.

1. Tested pings (good)

2. Opened port 69 on Air Fortress (tftp)

3. Verified two way management was set on Air Fortress(good)

4. Copied a simple text file onto a 4500 series switch from the server to make sure server was good for tftp (good)

5. Using following command "archive download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp://<ip address>/<image>"

6. Had configuration and commands verified via TAC case (good)

7. Attempted transmitting a simple text file with a basic "copy tftp: flash" command to AP and still timed out.

8. Attempted upgrading to an earlier IOS image (same problem as expected)

9. Used several different tftp servers including Tftpd32 and 3cDaemon

I think there were more things I tried, but nothing is getting past the timeout error. 0 bytes are transferred, but tftp log shows communication attempts. Are there known issues with the 1242 APs when upgrading? Am I missing something simple?

If there was another thread on this, I'm sorry for the repeat. I scrolled through the threads and didn't see one. I have a vulnerability deadline this Friday, and I'm finally seeking help! :)


Robert Davis


Re: Upgrading IOS on 1242AG

Command for upgarding seems to be wrong. Try the command archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp:[[//location]/directory]/image-name .

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