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Use cases for Cisco HWIC-3G for WWAN

We are exploring the option of using WWAN via the HWIC-3G cards for a backup to our T1 MPLS circuits. I would like some feedback on how the cards and the WWAN 3G service is working for others. Is anybody seeing decent response times in the 150-100ms range?


Re: Use cases for Cisco HWIC-3G for WWAN

Make sure that here is the restrictions for Configuring the 3G Wireless HWIC

The following restrictions apply to configuring the Cisco Wireless HWICs:

• Data connection can be originated only by the 3G wireless HWIC. Remote dial-in is not supported.

• Throughput-due to the shared nature of wireless communications, the experienced throughput varies depending on the number of active users or congestion in a given network.

• Cellular networks have higher latency compared to wired networks. Latency rates depend on the technology and carrier. Latency may be higher because of network congestion.

• VoIP is not currently supported.

• Any restrictions that are a part of the terms of service from your carrier.

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Re: Use cases for Cisco HWIC-3G for WWAN

Hey Blaine,

I work for a credit Union and we are also looking into wireless, as a backup to our MPLS circuits. We currently are using ISDN; were you able to gain any headway on this. I did some research and have the config for that 3g card, but now just need a basic VPN configuration as well as how traffic will be rerouted.


Jeff Johnson

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Re: Use cases for Cisco HWIC-3G for WWAN

i want to cover a site by using HWIC-3G and i asked my service provider about this service and he told me that he will give me 1.8 Mb/s for download and 384 Kb/s for upload . i see that this speed is low specially that i will use video conference after that. so can i use two HWIC-3G in the same time and make them as bundle to can transfer the streaming of video conference

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