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New Member

Use of existing Antennas

Replacing existing 915Mhz Wi-Lan Bridges (Hopper Plus) with Cisco BR350's. The Wi-Lan works O.K. but clkient wants Cisco speed and manageablility.

Central site has existing Omni antenna, remote has an existing Yagi antenna.

Distance is only 1000 feet.

When the Wi-Lan Bridges are replaced by the Cisco BR350's, we cannot get them to associate?

An antenna is an antenna isn't it?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Bob Forster

Cisco Employee

Re: Use of existing Antennas

An Antenna is NOT an Antenna.

All Antenna specs are stated at a given frequency.

The physics of an antenna means that there is a relationship between its physical size and the wave length of the signal

An antenna design for 900Mhz will not be optimised for 2.4Ghz and will NOT be suitable for a reliable radio link.

Added to this if you are in the US they way FFC certifications for products is based on the sytem including antenna and cable etc if you use a non Cisco antenna then it is up to the installer to check/get compliance, other countries have similar rules and you need to check the local requirements. I can not advise you on the legal aspects of this but would just like to highlight the fact you need to investigate this area of the installation if you use non Cisco antenna and coax

New Member

Re: Use of existing Antennas

Bob if youd like information regarding possible antennas email me @ I have been providing many people in your situation with suitable antennas quite alot nowdays.

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