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Use switch protected port to overcome the 60 AP limit with WDS on an AP?

I read a post from someone who stated the following:

"For those who might be still interested in running multiple WDS masters in one subnet:

If you have no problem connecting all of your wds systems to one switch you simply configure the switch ports as protected. Et voila! AP will automatically register to any of the available WDS systems until its limit (60) is reached. The rest of APs registers to the next system and so on."

Has anyone successfully done this?

One of our buildings is doubling in size and the number of APs will go beyond 60 on one subnet. I need L2 wireless roaming on one subnet so that lift-truck operators using wireless terminals do not lose their host telnet sessions as they travel withing the buildings. No I do not have a 6500 that I can install a WLSM in nor can I justify one.

Thank you,


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