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Use wireless 1131AG AP as a full router?

I know this AP ships with a full IOS but here is my design question. In another setup, I have used a similar AP as the default AP on the wifi network, but have used a PIX as the default gateway.

On this network, I don't have a PIX or another router to use. Can I set this AP with two distinct networks, one for Radio and another on the Ethernet and treat this AP as the default gtwy for the wifi network? The LAN side can plug into my existing network to route traffic through? What interfaces do the two unique addresses go?

Any pointers would be appreciated, or let me know if you have any questions.



Re: Use wireless 1131AG AP as a full router?

No, you can't. APs have no routing capability. They operate most like a hybrid hub/switch.

A hub because they share all clients across a common segment (air & RF), a switch, because they CAN manage VLANs .... but traffic needing to go from one VLAN to another (or from services on the Native VLAN, like DHCP or RADIUS) still need a layer 3 device (router or L3 Switch).

Good Luck


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Re: Use wireless 1131AG AP as a full router?

Thank you Scott. I will take your suggestions and look at another router/L3 switch to do routing. It's little misleading to see APs ship with what looks like a full-blown IOS with f/w feature sets.

Maybe someday they can add a second ethernet interface on the AP and then we can treat it as a router?

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