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Using 1310 bridge w/ 350 bridges

I have a wireless network of Aironet 350 bridges with one root bridge and seven non-root bridges that connect to it. I recently had one non-root bridge die on me and I replaced it with the only spare 350 I had.

I have one 1310 bridge that was given to me, and am wondering will it communicate fine with my 350 bridges? I've been looking at it briefly and the first thing I notice different is that on the 350 bridges I had to specify either the radio or ethernet interface as the "primary port". I don't see such a setting on the 1310.

Thanks for any information/advice you guys can give me.


Re: Using 1310 bridge w/ 350 bridges

Think it should be OK although obviously you will still only get 11MB. The primary port settings isn't applicable on the 1310.

New Member

Re: Using 1310 bridge w/ 350 bridges

Thanks for the information.

If I would replace my root 350 with a 1310 and several (but not all) of my non-root 350s, would all the 1310s communicate at 54 Mbps, with the 350s still talking to the root 1310 at 11 Mbps?

Re: Using 1310 bridge w/ 350 bridges

No, I don't think you will get more than 11MB as you'll have a mix of 11B and 11B devices and the root bridge will only only operate at B speesds.

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