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Using WCS to find WPA1 clients

We recently installed WLC and converted our AP's to LWAPP. I need to find a way to run a report on associated clients that are still using Policy Type of WPA1. I need this list to hand over to desktop to have them updated.


Re: Using WCS to find WPA1 clients

"WPA Compatibility Mode" would allow the WLAN client to use WPAv1 type handshaking, but would still be bound to the AES cipher suite by

default. Then if "Allow WPA2 TKIP Clients" was added to the WLAN configuration, the cipher suite of TKIP (non AES) would be allowed to

also coexist. Thus best I could tell from a pragmatic sense, one realy needs to enable both of these options for most "WPA mixed mode"

Operation scenarios.

For the configuration for the WCS follow the URL :

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Re: Using WCS to find WPA1 clients

I understand that. I think I'm asking for a report from WCS that's just not available. I would like to see the a report of just the clients still using WPA1 so we could tell our desktop support guys to bring them up to WPA2 standards if possible.

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