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Vehicle Roadside Communication

The American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) Subcommittee E 17.51, which deals with Vehicle Roadside Communication, recently approved a new DSRC standard at 5.9 GHz that particularly relates to communication between roadside devices and moving vehicles. (The FCC still needs to develop licensing and service rules)

My imagination runs wild at the possibilities this opens up. i.e. Real time/location excessive speed notification (speed alarm) by an onboard unit that compares vehicle's current speed to the 5.9 GHz speed beacon's speed limit for the local stretch of Interstate. Expedia © type search and booking of hotel/motel, restaurant, etc. in locations ahead on the interstate. Traffic, weather, road conditions and more.

Is Cisco involved in developing the firmware for 5.9 GHz DSRC? Will roadside to vehicle data exchange be done as a driver passes a 5.9 gHz beacon by packet bursts that will be stored onboard to be played to the driver at human speed as he continues on to the next beacon site on the Interstate?. I want to access any and all publicly available information on this new media for vehicles. Anyone know more about 5.9 gHz?


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