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VLANs for the WiSM

Hi Everybody,

we followed the cisco layered model in our campus design where we have 6500 switch at the core, 4500 at the distribution and 3750 at the access layer.

The connectivity between the core and the distribution is layer 3, the connectivity between the distribution and access layer is layer 2.we have all the intervlan routing on the distribution switches.we have recently installed two WiSM controllers in our core and planning to deploy light weight access points.

we want to use the exiting VLANS that we created for the wired users on the distribution switch for Wireless LAN users . I wanted to know if this is possible because as the dynamic interfaces for the Wireless VLANS would be created on the WiSM that is on the core switch and as the dynamic interface are like SVIs for the Wireless VLANS.

Secondly i wanted to know what does it mean to assign a VLAN to the WiSM


Ahmed Zubedi


Re: VLANs for the WiSM

I would recommend keeping the wired vlan separate from the wireless vlan.

You need to assign a vlan for the service port of the controllers. This is local to the 6500 and is not routeable. This is how the controllers talk to the 6500. I normally do like a 192.168.1.x

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