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vWLC DHCP relay flooding


I have a big problem with a vWLC installation and the DHCP relay. I have a interface for guest access in central Switching mode where is a DHCP Server address which is not in the same subnet. The Proxy mode is on, and the vWLC can reach the DHCP over its default gateway on the Interface. When a clients connects to ssid it sends a DHCP request and the controller sends it with its interface ip to the DHCP. So far so good, but the problem is that the vWLC does not send one packet, it sends thousends of same DHCP requests to the Server. The DHCP Server also ansers with thousends of DHCP acks.

When i give the DHCP which is also a vm, a interface in the guest vlan everthing works correct. Does anybody know if there is a problem with DHCP relay over Layer 3?

Regards Stefan

I use the latest verion of vWLC.

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I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I globally disabled DHCP proxy on my vWLC and enabled ip helper address on Layer 3 and now the dhcp works for flexconnect access-point but I have the same issue with my local access-point.

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