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VxWorks vs. IOS

I'm attempting to download the latest 12.x for my 1200 and I noticed two different versions, 1 for Vxworks and 1 for IOS. I know what the IOS version is but wanted to make sure "Vxworks" isn't something special that will hose me. Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Re: VxWorks vs. IOS


Before you upgrade anything please let me know what version you currently have.

YOU CAN NOT load IOS onto a VxWorks version AP1200

The most likely version you have will be VxWorks unless you purchased this AP in about the last month

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Re: VxWorks vs. IOS

I'm currently running 11.56. I have reviewed the release notes for the IOS version (12.2(8).) After listening to the 1210/30 new product definition presentation, I realized the 1220 is not field upgradeable at this time. My confusion was with the definition of Vx works, not knowing the O/S (or actually if its the OS the AP uses) made me second guess whether or not this was a special version.

I have since download 12.02 but haven't upgraded yet. After reading several posts, I realized I'm runnning Vx works. Can you tell me:

Can I send my 1220 to a Cisco Depot and have it upgraded or when will a field upgrade be possible.


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Re: VxWorks vs. IOS


Yes you do have a VXWorks OS and as such need to use the VxWorks Firmware updates the latest is 12.02T

You can not send your AP in for an RMA to have it updated, there is plans to have a method to update these in the field but that is currently not available.

All of the functionality that is in the IOS version is also in the VxWorks version so you are no worse off for using the VxWorks O/S

I hope this helps


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Re: VxWorks vs. IOS

AP1200 are based on VXWORKS Operating system . Now Cisco has come up with

AP1200 with IOS based Operating system. .

you CAN NOT load IOS on Vxworks based ap1200 and vice versa .

So if your ap1200 is vxworks based downalod vxworks and if it is based on IOS

download ios .


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