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WAP 1200 Session limitation

I have a Cisco 1200 AP. I had 18 session using the WAP at 1 time. The next person that tries to access the AP could not associate. I wan to find out on what is the maximum session that this AP can take or how can i configure the AP to accept more session. the configuration on this AP is on Channel 11, Data rates are 5.5mb-require, 6 & 9 mb-enable, 11mb-require, 12-18mb-enable. CCK Power-max, OFDM Power-max, Limit client power-max.

please assisst


Re: WAP 1200 Session limitation

Any hard-set limit is likely to be well above the practical limit of the AP.

Since APs are working with shared medium, the overall capacity is going to be limited based on the amount of traffic, interference, client mix (you'd probably get more capacity by not using 802.11b clients in an 802.11g system, for example.

The last reccommendation I remember seeing is ~30 clients per AP - if you are having trouble with 19 clients, it is most liekyl traffic related ... or possibly a flakey NIC (have you tried other NICs in client 19?).

You should be able to get an association, even if the AP is somewhat congested.

Check the drivers/client software (update, if possible)

Try another NIC, some NICs just don't work well with some APs (it's not just a Cisco problem)

Try another channel - it's possible that there's enough interference on the channel you're using that there's just no workable spectrum available. Stay with Channels 1, 6, and 11; they are the channels with the least interference (so-called "non-overlapping" channels).

Download NetStumbler (free: and run it. It will show you the utilization of the channels. Move to the channel with the least traffic & interference.

Good Luck


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