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WAP200 repeater issue with 2nd SSID

I have a WAP200 AP configured with 2 SSID's.  The AP is configured to allow the use of repeaters and i have 2 other WAP200's acting as repeaters for each SSID.  The WAP200 repeater i have configured to repeat the signal for the 1st SSID works perfectly but i cannot pick up an IP address from the WAP200 repeater on the 2nd SSID and receive an error stating that there is limited connectivity.

I have checked the configs on the repeaters and they are the same for their respective SSID's. Both repeaters were configured using the site survey option and the AP is configured with the repeaters SSID mac address, not its physical address. I have reset the 2nd repeater and re-configured it twice incase i missed something but still the same issue.  As soon as i switch off the 2nd repeater i am instantly connected to the 2nd SSID network albeit with reduced signal strength from the AP.

Is there a limitation with the WAP200 that only allows the first SSID to be repeated?

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