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WCS does not show initial built-in 50-AP licenses

When installing the WCS software (AIR-WCS-WL-1.0-K9) we ended up initially with a warning stating that NO APs were licensed in the WCS.

This conflicts with what the description for that part number states:

"Cisco WCS w/Location v3.0 up to 50 Lightweight AP W2K/2003"

Fortunately, we were already planning on expanding the WLC by adding two more 100-AP licenses. However, the system states that there are only 200 APs licensed on the controller when there should be 250.

Has anyone else run into this?

Is there something that we are missing?


Re: WCS does not show initial built-in 50-AP licenses

Are you loading 4.0? With WCS 4.x you need to generate a license with the PAK you should have received from Cisco. If you did not receive a PAK, read the following excerpt from the following url:

Existing Cisco WCS customers that have not received their PAK certificate from Cisco should contact their Cisco sales representative or send an e-mail to the alias to notify Cisco that they need their PAK certificate. Cisco will attempt to respond to requests to this alias within 48 hours Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time.

I hope this helps.



Re: WCS does not show initial built-in 50-AP licenses

Thanks Eric!

In fact, while the customer originally ordered 3.x (which includes a base number of 50 APs). There was no PAK certificate, though, with the 3.x CD. (as a side note, the 100-AP PAK certificates had no stickers on them, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway).

However, by the time the customer purchased the hardware, WCS 4.0 came out and so we installed that version. It appears that Cisco needs to send the 50AP PAK certificate and we should (hopefully) fix this problem.

Thanks again for the response!

- John


Re: WCS does not show initial built-in 50-AP licenses

I got 15 of the PAK certs with no code. For those, I had to call TAC and spend ~8 hours to get it generated manually. I had to proove I bought them, then find the right person to generate the key. Then when we rebuilt the server I had to do it all over again with a new name. If you haven't gone through that yet, I wish you good luck. :)

My latest batch of licenses did have their PAK stickers, so I think they fixed it finally.



Re: WCS does not show initial built-in 50-AP licenses

For what it's worth, we finally worked through Cisco licensing, proving that we purchased the product, gave Cisco the host name, and were finally able to get the license file for the 50 APs at no additional cost.

Thanks again, Eric, for your assistance.

I have been repeatedly grateful for efforts of persons such as yourself who support this forum. In this particular instance I got an answer on this from you in ten minutes where the Cisco TAC engineer had this case for days with no answer.

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