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WCS Downgrade Question


I have a WCS running and with the changes made for Lobby Ambassadors, I would like to downgrade to 4.x.x.x.

Is the process straight forward, as I know you can do a backup and then restore - will this work with older versions?

Any help/guides will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



Re: WCS Downgrade Question

The upgrade process adds several database tables; not sure if installing an older version of WCS would strip them out. There is the possibility of the downgrade corrupting the db. You may want to open a TAC case and inquire about it.

The 2 feasible options would be to either do a fresh install of the desired version and restore a pre 5.x db backup, or just start all over with a fresh 4.x.x.x. install

You could also try building a test machine with 5.x, make a backup from the production wcs server and restoring it to the test machine and see what happens when you try to downgrade to 4.x.x

New Member

Re: WCS Downgrade Question

Hi Eric,

Thanks for that information.

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I upgraded my WCS to version 5, took a backup and downgraded back to version 4 just to check if it would work - but no, it refused to restore from a newer version. I saved a copy of the v4 database which restored fine.

I wonder if anyone knows of a work around?


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