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WCS Guru's Modifying an ACL

I recently deployed an ACL to a WLAN that is used on the controllers throughout our company. I created the ACL using WCS and pushed it out to the controllers and have it applied to the WLAN using the "Override Interface ACL". The ACL is working great, but even though every attempt was made to identify what needed access, there were some straglers that were found. Is it possible to push out the changes that are required using the ACL that is applied, without pushing down the entire ACL. In some cases I do have controllers with modified versions of the current ACL name and would not want to do anything to impact the business by overrighting a sequence in the ACL.

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Re: WCS Guru's Modifying an ACL

IIRC, there was a post similar to yours. You have to remove the acl and add the acl back on. The poster was not able to make changes to the acl without removing it an then applying the template. In your ase, you am just add a line to an existing acl. You might be better off scripting an acl using the CLI which might be faster since you have custom acl's.

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