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WCS Linux Upgrade

I am trying to upgrade a Linux WCS and when I run the command in linux I get permission denied. I do not have alot of experience with the Linux operating system but assume I don't have rights run the command. I am logged in as the root user. Do I need to change the rights of the file to run it? What are the commands to change those rights.

\Thanks in advance.....


Re: WCS Linux Upgrade

type ls -al

You should see similiar the following:

-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  root  300685722 Mar 12  2009 WCS-STANDARD-K9- (your version here)

The 1st rwx is user read/write/execute, the next, r-x is group read & execute & and the last r-x is world (everyone) read & execute

If not, you can simply type chmod u+x WCS-STANDARD-K9- and possibly g+x WCS-STANDARD-K9- to give executable access to the file.

If you are in the same directory, add a ./ before the name of the file(no spaces)

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